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Due to the Coronavirus scare, meetings at the school have been suspended until further notice.

On the air

Why not join one of our “meetings on the air.”

On Mondays (until the school reopens) we will try to meet on 2m (normally on 145.475MHz) as a pseudo club meeting on the air.


Every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm (19.30 hours) local time we hold our club net. We call on 145.500MHz and then move to a free channel (normally 145.475MHz).

The Thursday evening meeting on the air also starts at 7.30pm (19.30 hours) local time on 145.475MHz but this is more of an experimenters meeting and is likely to move onto an HF band or elsewhere depending on what the participants want to do. It will always stay on 2m for at least 15 minutes though.

Please note that if 145.475MHz is busy, we will use the nearest available free channel on 2m. (bearing in mind that some of our members may have equipment that uses 25KHz channel spacing).

Friday evening 70cm Net at 7.30pm (19.30 hours) local time on 432.220MHz SSB. Most participants use Vertical Polarised aerials. Hosted by Dave (G4BCA)

Special Event Station - GB1VED

On Friday 8th May 2020, GARES will be running a Special Event Station to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE Day) at the end of the second World War. This will run from 10am to 4pm from our usual Bank Holiday location on Crickley Hill. Our special event call-sign will be GB1VED.

Club members are being asked to come and help setup/take down and operate the station instead of bringing their own equipment (as is usual on Bank Holidays). Why not come and enjoy our social event, even if it's just for a short time? You can always bring a picnic.


Under normal circumstances, we try to have a formal meeting, such as a lecture, on the first Monday in each month that we meet at the school. However, this sometimes changes due to scheduling difficulties with the speaker so please keep an eye on the website. We run operating/construction/informal meetings or DF Hunts on the other Mondays.

These less formal meetings give members a chance to get on the air, do some construction work, just have a good old chin-wag with some old friends, or make some new friends.

We also have rigs and equipment for members to use.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are normally available (for a small charge) at our meetings

Why not plan to join us? Come along (when we reopen) and we will make you very welcome.

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