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Frequency change for our 2m Nets

Changing conditions mean that we are experiencing interference from (and probably causing it to) other legitimate users who are also trying to run a net on 145.550MHz.

Until further notice, we will try moving our Wednesday and Thursday evening nets (and our “Club on the Air” when the school is closed) to a new frequency of


However please be aware that this frequency may also be in use from time to time. Therefore, if we are not where you think we should be, try looking around the band for us.

The Club Nets


If we are not meeting at Churchdown School, we try to have a “Meeting on the Air” at 7.30pm local (clock) time on 2m (145.475MHz) using FM.


This is our main 2m (145.475MHz) FM net. Again, it starts about 7.30pm local (clock) time and is normally controlled by Tony (G4HBV).


Starting on 2m (145.475MHz) FM at 7.30pm local (clock) time and controlled by Tom (G3XMM), this net normally moves onto 80m SSB.


Our 70cm net. Using USB, normally through a vertical (omni directional) aerial, on 432.220MHz. This net is normally controlled by Dave (G4BCA) and starts at 7.30pm local (clock) time.

A long time ago, when the BBC used to broadcast BBC1 TV with 405 lines, they would regularly put out warnings, at this time of year, about interference from other stations. This may be a similar issue. Some club members have been able to hear other stations in the background of 145.550MHz but the signals have not been sufficiently strong to cause interference and most members of both nets have been unaware of the other net. With the changing conditions, it is possible that the signals of the other group are also stronger at this time of year.

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