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Meetings in Previous Years

Highlights of previous years' programmes included:


April 11th
Practical Radio Astronomy for Amateurs. A talk by Paul Hyde (G4CSD)
July 4th
My Life at Bletchley. A talk by Edna Garbutt
Sepember 12th
Chassis Bashing in the 21st Century, by Cliff (G8CQZ)
October 3rd
History of Hi-Fi. A talk by David Briggs
November 7th
Portable Operating from Islands, Large and Small. A talk by Brian (G4CIB)


March 2nd
Visit to Police Headquarters
November 30th
The story of Wharfedale Speakers 1932-1978 A talk by Prof. David Briggs


January 13th
Talking over a Light Beam by Chris (2E0OLO)
February 3rd
Astronomy, by Members
March 31st
The Sound of Silence - How Electronics helped to solve the mystery of how Bats Navigate. A talk by Richard Tofts.
June 30th
Courtyard Books - Special Visit with Brian G4CIB/Leta G4RHK
October 13th
Cruise Ship Maritime Mobile by Les G0ULH
November 3rd
A Talk by Steve Knibbs of BBC Points West


January 9th
Aerials for operation from Lundy by Brian (G4CIB)
February 6th
Valves: Are they still of any use? by Les (G0ULH)
March 5th
Repeaters - by the Gloucestershire Repeater Group
April 23rd
Digimodes - an illustrated talk and demonstration by Ron (G3SZS)
July 2nd
A bargain basement approach to SDR radio by Steve (G4HFT)
August 20th
An Amateur working in Antarctica: 1977 to 1982 A slide show by Andy Hawkins (G4GKK, K4GKK, KI4EIO and VP8QI)
October 1st
Those Standing Waves by Tony (G4HBV)
December 3rd
Minature Railways 20-5 Gauge by Malcolm (G6UGW)


January 10th
Down Under and Up a Gum Tree! by Ian (G3TDT)
An illustrated talk on his recent exploits as VK3BIH and about working 100 VK's in order to celebrate 100 years since the founding of the Wireless Institute of Australia
February 7th
More thoughts about Aerials - A talk by Tom (G3XMM)
February 14th
Using an Oscilloscope - Talk and demonstration by Steve (G4HFT)
March 7th
Marine VHF Radio - A talk by Ian (G4CLR)
March 21st
Perseus Software Defined Radio - A talk and demonstration by Martin (G4ENZ)
October 3rd
A DDS Based Signal Generator - A talk by Cliff (G8CQZ)
November 7th
Visit by RSGB Regional Representative and presentation on Echolink Repeaters Mode


January 4th
D-Star - a talk / presentation by Simon (G4SGI)
March 1st
The new Tornado steam locomotive - a talk/presentation by Les (G0ULH)
April 12th
Severn Tales - a talk by Chris Witts
June 14th
Talk on Portable Working using Airborne Aerials - by Roger (G4ROJ)
August 10th
Visit to Forest of Dean Amateur Radio Group.
August 19th
Visit to Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association.
October 4th
Iona and Lundy by Road, Rail and Sea - by Brian (G4CIB)
November 1st
A Lantern Show: It could be Magic! - by David Bailey


January 19th
Visit by Raynet
March 2nd
GSM Mobile Phones - by Steve (G4HFT)
April 6th
Warships to Waterbusses in Portsmouth Harbour - a talk by Malcolm (G6UGW)
June 8th
Highlands and Islands - a talk by Brian (G4CIB)
September 14th
PICs - a talk by Cliff (G8CQZ)
October 5th
Lundy Operating - a talk by Brian (G4CIB)
November 2nd
Thoughts about Aerials - A talk by Tom (G3XMM)


January 14th
GPS (Global Positioning Systems) - by Steve (G4HFT)
February 4th
Direct Conversion Receivers - by Tony (G4HBV)
March 3rd
Understanding Arrowsmiths - by Brian (G4CIB)
July 14th
Visit to a Radio Cornucopia
October 6th
The Development of Man Pack Radios - Slides/Demo by Mike Hazell and Richard Hankins
November 3rd
"A Street Car called Desire" (Trams) - Talk/Slides by Malcolm (G6UGW)


February 5th
The Birth Pangs of British Radar, by Tony (G4HBV)
March 5th
Weather and Radio, by Anne (2E1GKY) and Brian (G4CIB)
March 12th
Hydro Power, by Mike (G0VWH)
April 2nd
The Gloucester and Cheltenham Railway and Leckhampton Quarry Tramroads, a slide show and talk by Malcolm (G6UGW)
June 11th
10GHz Demonstration Evening
July 9th
Visit to Nuclear Bunker
August 6th
Airport Visit
November 5th
Basic Receivers - by Steve (G4HFT)
December 3rd
Gloucester Redevelopment - by Brian (G4CIB) and Malcolm (G6UGW)


March 6th
Transceiver Talk by Steve, G4HFT
May 22nd
Wind Power by Mike G0VWH
October 2nd
144MHz Power Amplifiers, by G4CIB
December 4th
Slide Show: "Malcolm goes East"


January 10th
Talk, "A Small Slice of Pye" by Cliff G8CQZ
February 7th
"Cradle to Steeple" by Rev. Mike Rogers FRaeS
March 7th
"The Story of the National Radio Company" by Steve, G4HFT
April 11th
"Early Days of Wireless" by Mike G0VWH
December 5th
"River Severn" by Tony G4HBV


August 27th
Club Visit to a cornucopia of radio equipment
October 4th
Visit of OH2LRD
November 1st
Talk on "Oscillators in Amateur Radio" by Cliff, G8CQZ
December 6th
Talk on "Acorn Valves" by Tony, G4HBV

Not included are informal meetings, social gatherings, junk sales, contests etc.

There are photographs from some of these meetings in our photo album

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