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Gloucester Amateur Radio & Electronics Society are running a series of workshops for newly and not so newly licensed amateurs. These workshops are hosted by Andy (M0RON), Anne (2E1GKY), David (G3VBQ) and Brian (G4CIB).

Classes are held at the club on Monday evenings in classrooms away from main club meeting room. They are meant for small groups of members (from one upwards) and are not talks for the whole Club. Workshops are run as separate topics so members can just do the ones that interest them. Places are limited.

The dipole workshops that were scheduled for April 2018 have been postponed.

Future Workshops

Please contact the club for details of the next workshop

To book your place on a workshop (subject to space being available) please contact Andy (M0RON), email workshops @ g4aym . org . uk or use our Contact Us form.

Future topics will be driven by demand so members are encouraged to come forward and let us know of any workshop subjects that they are interested in. Simple tasks like making patch leads can be done easily at short notice but a digital mode workshop may need a little longer to organise.

Previous Topics

10th July 2017: 2m Antenna Workshop

25th September 2017: 2m FM QSO procedures

9th October 2017: Repeater Workshop part 1

16th October 2017: Repeater Workshop part 2

13th November 2017: Net Workshop

20th December 2017: Soldering

19th February 2018: Antenna Tuning Units

Workshops can be re-run if there is sufficient demand.

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