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Top Band Direction Finding Receiver


Like many clubs, the Gloucester Amateur Radio and Electronics Society (GARES) runs direction finding contests. Ours uses a small low power automated transmitter, which is hidden prior to the start of the contest. The transmitter operates on top band (160m) and generates a CW signal that is encoded with the club's call sign and an indication that this is a DF contest.

Recently, we had some new members join the club who asked about receivers that were suitable for taking part in the contest. After some research, it was decided that this would make a good club project. So here it is:

The design criteria were:

The design is available as:

  1. a portable rig with directional aerial. This version is the club project.
  2. a directional aerial and aerial amplifier, which can be added to existing receivers.
  3. a directional aerial with no amplifier.

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