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80m QRP SSB Transceiver

Following the success of the DF receiver, (click here for details) we have decided on an 80m QRP SSB transceiver as our second project.

However, rather than design one from scratch, we looked at the available kits. Although some members reported good experiences with Walford Kits, these were all based on double sideband and so we settled on the MKARS kit as it was true single sideband with a crystal filter.

The kits were complete except that the holes needed to be made in the case. In addition, a number of the components were very small although not surface mount. Instructions were excellent and most members completed their kits without incident. Members that did have problems felt that they learned a lot from the experience of building and fault finding. With the help of more experienced members, all of the kits were completed satisfactorily.

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