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Foundation Licence Training Course

Next course (12th March 2018) is now closed

You do NOT need to be a member of Gloucester Amateur Radio and Electronics Society, the Radio Society of Great Britain or any other organisation in order to attend the courses. You simply need a keen motivation to become a Radio Amateur.

The Foundation Licence is the first of three licence classes that are available for Radio Amateurs. A licence is needed in order to transmit on the amateur bands (although you may transmit on the CB and PMR bands without a licence).

Foundation licence holders may use up to 10 Watts on most of the popular frequencies and may normally use aerial arrays to boost the effective power of their signal

The foundation programme consists of ten theory modules and seven practical tasks.


  1. Nature or Amateur Radio
  2. Licence & Licence Conditions
  3. Technical Basics
    1. Units of measurement
    2. Volts (AC & DC), Amps, Ohms and Watts
    3. Frequencies
  4. Transmitters and Receivers
  5. Feeders and Antennas
  6. Propagation
  7. EMC
  8. Operating Practices and Procedures
  9. Safety
  10. Morse Code

Practical Tasks

In addition to passing an examination on the theory of these items, students must also demonstrate:

  1. Connecting transmitters/receivers, ATUís and power supplies
  2. Tuning an HF receiver and ATU
  3. Holding an HF SSB contact
  4. Tuning a VHF receiver
  5. Holding a VHF FM contact
  6. Adjusting an aerial
  7. Sending and Receiving Morse Code

Course Content

Foundation training will be delivered by a small team using online classrooms along with mentoring at club on Monday evenings, telephone and email support will also be available. 3 modules will be released each week which can be worked through at a time to suit you, typically this should take about 3 hours depending on how quickly theinformation is absorbed, the work does not have to be completed in one sitting, dip in and out as you please. The 'Foundation Now' book goes hand in hand with these modules. It is anticipated that the course should be covered in 6 weeks

Please note that parts of the course may be delivered through third party providers.

'Foundation Now' Book

The course manual is available from the RSGB or, at an advantageous price, through the club. Do NOT wait until the start of the course before obtaining the book.

How do I book onto a course (or obtain a copy of 'Foundation Now')?

Email gares @ g4aym . org . uk or use our Contact Us form.


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