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GARES Summer 2016 Challenge: Scores

Rules for this contest.

G3XMM23097327SSB CWDoublet, 6m Dipole
M0XAC210107317SSB CW DataCobweb, Doublet, 6m halo
M0HFY170121291JT65 SSBInverted L, 10&6m dipole
G4CIB16063223SSB CWDoublet, 6m dipole
G4BCA15562217SSB CW85' end fed, 6m dipole
G4IZZ19027217SSB CW JT65HyEndFed, 6m dipole
G4SZS9014104SSB CWInverted L, 6m halo
G7CSM75580SSBG5RV, 10m Half wave vertical
G0ULH453176SSB CWG5RV, 6m yagi
2E0MFH501464SSB10m 4el yagi, 6m halo
G4CMY50353CW JT65Trapped Vertical, 6m folded dipole
G0ULH/MM01717SSB CW6m dipole 22m asl on MV Ventura
GW4CIB/M (IO71)10414SSBMobile whip
M0NQN5510SSB CW JT65Colinear
G4CIB/P (IO82)538SSBMobile whip

Rules for this contest.


All Scores and Rules


Closing DateBandPowerNotes
20 June 2021Every Mode (160m-70cm)10/50/100All modes
9 January 2021HF (except 30/60m)10/100Data and CW/SSB/Data/Weak signal sections
4 July 20206m and 4m100WData and CW/SSB sections for each band.
25 Jan 2020HF (except 30m)10/100UK/EI Counties & Islands
29 June 20196m OR 4m100WLocator squares
26 Jan 2019HF except 30 & 60m10/100Continents
30 June 2018160 to 10m10/100CQ Zones
2m and 70cm25Counties and Islands
6 Jan 201880/40/30m10/100Europe
31 May 201730/17/12m100US & Canada
31 Jan 2017Any10/100 
30 June 201610/6m100 
31 Jan 201640/80m10 
31 July 20156mAny 
31 March 2015Any100/400Commonwealth and US States
31 May 2014AnyAnyData only
30 June 201317-6mAny 
28 Feb 2013160-20mAnyDistricts & Countries
31 July 201217/12m10/100WARC Bands
31 March 2012One Band10/AnyChoose your band
31 Aug 20116mAny 
30 May 2011160 - 10mAny 


Closing DateStatus
20 June 2021Final Scores
9 January 2021Final Scores
4 July 2020Final Scores
25 Jan 2020Final Scores
29 June 2019Final Scores
26 Jan 2019Final Scores
30 June 2018 HFFinal Scores
30 June 2018 VHFFinal Scores
6 Jan 2018Final Scores
31 May 2017Final Scores
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30 June 2016Final Scores
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31 March 2015Final Scores
31 May 2014Final Scores
30 June 2013Final Scores
28 Feb 2013Final Scores
31 July 2012Final Scores
31 March 2012Final Scores
31 Aug 2011Final Scores
30 May 2011Final Scores


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