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GARES Winter 2021/22 Challenge: Rules

Scores for this contest.

To work as many DXCC as you can manage on a band of your choice from the below selection. To level the playing field for Foundation and Intermediate licensees more credit is given for contacts made by those licence holders as detailed below. Entry is simple. Just send an email when you’ve have something to report.
Although we will keep score the Challenge is not intended to be a contest but will enable results and experiences to be shared amongst participants. Awards certificates will be given to leading stations in their respective sections and the leading Foundation and Intermediate stations.

Starting on Saturday 1st January 2022 and finishing Monday 28th February 2022.

Any band from 160 to 15 mtrs.10 & 12 Mtrs will be grouped together for this challenge. 60 Mtrs is not included. Just pick one and stick to it.

10/100/>100 Sections. You can only enter one section.

Exchanges and Modes:
All modes are allowed appropriate to the band in use. A DXCC can only be worked once. Contacts should involve, as a minimum, an exchange of reports. Contest contacts are not allowed.

One point will be given for contacts made with each DXCC.

Send entries to challenge@g4aym.org.uk. G4ENZ is administering this is administering this challenge.
A spreadsheet is available to track your progress. Submit this spreadsheet via email whenever you are ready to report.

Alternatively, you can print out the spreadsheet and keep a paper record of your progress. If you can get a copy of this paper record to G4ENZ, it will be included in the challenge table. Home address for G4ENZ is correct on QRZ.COM.

Rules published 22nd December 2021

Scores for this contest.


All Scores and Rules


Closing DateBandPowerNotes
28 Feb 2022Pick a band10/100/>100Triple points for Foundation
Double points Intermediate
20 June 2021Every Mode (160m-70cm)10/50/100All modes
9 January 2021HF (except 30/60m)10/100Data and CW/SSB/Data/Weak signal sections
4 July 20206m and 4m100WData and CW/SSB sections for each band.
25 Jan 2020HF (except 30m)10/100UK/EI Counties & Islands
29 June 20196m OR 4m100WLocator squares
26 Jan 2019HF except 30 & 60m10/100Continents
30 June 2018160 to 10m10/100CQ Zones
2m and 70cm25Counties and Islands
6 Jan 201880/40/30m10/100Europe
31 May 201730/17/12m100US & Canada
31 Jan 2017Any10/100 
30 June 201610/6m100 
31 Jan 201640/80m10 
31 July 20156mAny 
31 March 2015Any100/400Commonwealth and US States
31 May 2014AnyAnyData only
30 June 201317-6mAny 
28 Feb 2013160-20mAnyDistricts & Countries
31 July 201217/12m10/100WARC Bands
31 March 2012One Band10/AnyChoose your band
31 Aug 20116mAny 
30 May 2011160 - 10mAny 


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