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Amateur Radio

Gloucester Amateur Radio & Electronics Society

Join us for:

  • Informal club meetings
  • Talks and lectures
  • Training and exams
  • On the air meetings and nets
  • DF Hunts
  • Construction competitions
  • Field days
  • Outdoor activities and picnics
  • Demonstration stations
  • Club activity contests
  • A well equipped club shack


We meet most Mondays at Churchdown School, Winston Road, GL3 2RB
Please see below for details of our next meetings


Latest News

Winter 2021/22 Challenge (pick an HF band) has started.
Rules and Scores (at 22nd Jan 22)
Challenge ends 28th February 2022
Triple points for Foundation Licence holders
Double points for Intermediate.

Change of Frequency
The Daytime Gatherings (morning and afternoon nets) on 2m have moved to 145.575MHz to avoid causing interference to other groups.
Details below.

Daily Top Band get together (on or about 1960kHz) at about 11.30am.
Details below.

Ragchew, November 2021 issue now online. (pdf file). The December 2021 issue is already with club members!
Earlier issues can be read here

Due to the Coronavirus scare MEETINGS AT THE SCHOOL ARE SUSPENDED until further notice.
but we meet every two weeks in Down Hatherley and on the air.
Details below.



Face to Face Club Meetings

Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, we are still unable to meet at the school but a new venue has been located in Down Hatherley and we will meet there every two weeks. To ensure social distancing, numbers at this venue are limited so for details of dates, times etc. please contact garesg4aym at aol dot co dot uk.


On the Air Meetings

We meet on the air most weekdays

  • Monday (club on the air) at 7.30pm on 145.475MHz FM when we are not meeting Face to Face.
    This on-the-air meeting is normally hosted by Les (G0ULH)
  • Tuesday at 8.30pm on 144.550MHz Amplitude Modulation (AM).
    Normally hosted by Jim (2E0GKN)
  • Wednesday (traditional club net) at 7.30pm on 145.475MHz FM.
    Normally hosted by Tony (G4HBV)
  • Thursday (HF club on the air) at 7.30pm. Meet on 145.475MHz FM and then QSY to 80m SSB.
    Normally hosted by Les (G0ULH), assisted by Gary (M0XAC)
  • Friday at 7.30pm on 432.220MHz SSB.
    Most participants use Vertical Polarised aerials. Normally hosted by Anne (2E1GKY)

(If the specified frequency is engaged, we will use a free nearby channel).

Daytime Gatherings, every day on 2m and Top Band
The idea is not to have a formal net like the other nets, but to just put a call out during the times below to see if there is anyone around who would like a chat. There will be no 'net controller' but if things get chaotic hopefully a leader will emerge!

  • Suggested frequency: 145.575 MHz FM.
  • Times: Virtual Coffee Morning 11:00 - 12:00 local time, every day including weekends.
  • Virtual Afternoon Tea: 15:00 - 16:00 local time, again every day.

and now...
Following the morning net (at about 11.30am) there is a burgeoning and again informal net on Top Band (on or about 1960 Khz)
Why not join us?


2021 Annual General Meeting

At the AGM, which was held on 1st November 2021, the following committee was elected:

Chairman: Dave(G4BCA)
Vice Chair: Mike(G6OTP)
Secretary: Rita(M6RYL)
Treasurer: Gary(M0XAC)
Committee members: Alan

Subscriptions are now due and the rates remain the same. (£20, with family membership at £25 and Junior membership at £1)


This is a temporary page as our ability to run the club in a 'normal' way is constrained by ongoing COVID restrictions that have been imposed on us by various local meeting places and to ensure the safety of club members and vistors.
The page will be updated as and when more information becomes available.


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