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Amateur Radio

Gloucester Amateur Radio & Electronics Society

Join us for:

  • Informal club meetings
  • Talks and lectures
  • Training and exams
  • On the air meetings and nets
  • DF Hunts
  • Construction competitions
  • Field days
  • Outdoor activities and picnics
  • Demonstration stations
  • Club activity contests
  • A well equipped club shack


Monday 4th July 2022 from 7.30pm

The 3 times 10 show

3 members will talk for just 10 minutes each about a subject of their choice.
Not necessarily radio or electronics.

Monday 18th July 2022 from 7.30pm

Summer Raffle

at Down Hatherley Village Hall

More meetings...

On the air

Join our nets:

Tuesday at 8pm on 144.550MHz Amplitude Modulation (AM)

Wednesday at 7.30pm on 145.475MHz FM

Thursday at 7.30pm on 145.475MHz FM before QSYing to 80m SSB.

Friday at 7.30pm on 432.220MHz SSB.

Plus informal meetings every day.

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Latest News

Ragchew, February 2022 issue now online. (pdf file). The June 2022 issue is already with club members!
Earlier issues can be read here

Final Scores in the GARES Winter 2021/22 Challenge (pick an HF band)
Congratulations to M0HFY
The challenge ended on February 28th 2022.

Club net times have changed

Daily Top Band get together (on or about 1960kHz) at about 11.30am.

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