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Amateur Radio

Gloucester Amateur Radio & Electronics Society

Join us for:

  • Informal club meetings
  • Talks and lectures
  • Training and exams
  • On the air meetings and nets
  • DF Hunts
  • Construction competitions
  • Field days
  • Outdoor activities and picnics
  • Demonstration stations
  • Club activity contests
  • A well equipped club shack


We meet most Mondays at Churchdown School, Winston Road, GL3 2RB
Please see below for details of our next meetings

Join us for...

Fun with radios!

Next few meetings

Monday 3rd April 2017 from 7.30pm

Informal Meeting and General Operating

at Churchdown School

Monday 10th April 2017

No Meeting
School Closed

Club on the Air (145.550MHz) instead

Monday 17th April 2017 about 1pm to 4pm

Bank Holiday Operating
from Crickley Hill Country Park

Also, Club on the Air at 7.30pm on 145.550MHz

More Meetings

If you’re interested, why not come along to a Churchdown School meeting. There’s no need to make an appointment and you will be very welcome. It’s free for new visitors and we promise not to make you join on your first visit.


New Friday evening 70cm SSB net


Our Next Operating Challenge “WARC to North America” starts April 1st 2017


Ragchew February 2017 now online. (pdf file)
Earlier issues can be read here


Next Foundation Course starts 6th May 2017...More details


Section expanded in Feb 2017
Newsletters from 1981 to 1986
Now 39 back issues for you to peruse


Potential Pirate
We have recently been contacted by a person who asked for help in setting up a transceiver but was unable to provide a callsign. Please remember that your own licence may be at risk if you “aid and abet” a radio pirate and that the penalty for operating a licensable radio transmitter without the necessary licence could be an unlimited fine and two years in jail.

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