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GARES Winter 2020/21 Challenge: Rules

Scores for this contest.

This is a club-sponsored opportunity for you to do some targeted operating and to share your results with others. You are invited to work stations in as many countries (DX entities) as possible on bands between 160m and 10m (except for 30m and 60m). In any particular section (see below), a country (or DX entity) may be worked as many times as you wish irrespective of the band and antenna used. For scoring purposes, the first contact with a DX entity in a section will score 10 points and subsequent contact will score 1 point. To ‘level the playing field’, operation in contests is not permitted.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON COVID RESTRICTIONS: Please note that current national and local COVID rules must be observed, and to comply with the spirit of the new lockdown rules portable and mobile operation will not be permitted. These rules may need to be altered according to the changing situation with COVID.

WHEN: 14th November 2020 to 9th January 2021, both dates inclusive.

WHERE: All HF bands are permitted between 160m and 10m, except for 30m and 60m.

MODES: You may enter ONE section from the following:

You must choose your power level section as below. If you choose conventional data modes you may operate on RTTY and PSK, etc, and if you choose weak signal modes you may operate on FT8, FT4, JT65, etc.


ENTRIES: Contacts should only be made from your main station address in order to comply with the lockdown requirement to avoid unnecessary travel. Contacts should not be made with stations operating in contests, nor should you enter a contest and claim the contacts made.

AERIALS: No restrictions.

SCORING: 10 points for the first contact with a country/DX entity in your chosen section. Subsequent contacts with that entity will score 1 point. Duplicate contacts (i.e with the same station) are not permitted.

REPORTING: Scoring Entity (Country/DX entity, as per the countries/DX entities list), callsign of station worked, date, band, power (p.e.p.) at the output of the transmitter, and the aerial in use should be reported for each scoring contact as well as the claimed score. A suitable template will be made available.

AWARDS:Awards will be made to the leading stations in each section (CW, SSB, Conventional Data & Weak Signal Data) and power section.

NOTE 1: If you are licensed to use more than one callsign a country may be claimed once only for scoring purposes irrespective of the callsign in use.

NOTE 2: Accurate exchange of callsigns and signal reports should be considered the minimum requirement for claiming a valid contact.

NOTE 3: Contacts should be made directly on a one-to-one basis without assistance from others. This precludes the relaying of real-time contact information by repeaters, internet links, other amateur stations or any other mode of indirect transmission. However, the use of DX spotting sites such as, for example, DX Summit is acceptable.

NOTE 4: It would help considerably if claims are made using a standard spreadsheet format. A suitable template is available. When submitting claims, please include in the file name your callsign, mode and power section, as appropriate.
For mode section please use the following codes:

Examples: G4BCA_CW_HIGH, or G4BCA_WS_LOW

Please submit claims to Dave G4BCA

Rules published 4th November 2020

Scores for this contest.


All Scores and Rules


Closing DateBandPowerNotes
20 June 2021Every Mode (160m-70cm)10/50/100All modes
9 January 2021HF (except 30/60m)10/100Data and CW/SSB/Data/Weak signal sections
4 July 20206m and 4m100WData and CW/SSB sections for each band.
25 Jan 2020HF (except 30m)10/100UK/EI Counties & Islands
29 June 20196m OR 4m100WLocator squares
26 Jan 2019HF except 30 & 60m10/100Continents
30 June 2018160 to 10m10/100CQ Zones
2m and 70cm25Counties and Islands
6 Jan 201880/40/30m10/100Europe
31 May 201730/17/12m100US & Canada
31 Jan 2017Any10/100 
30 June 201610/6m100 
31 Jan 201640/80m10 
31 July 20156mAny 
31 March 2015Any100/400Commonwealth and US States
31 May 2014AnyAnyData only
30 June 201317-6mAny 
28 Feb 2013160-20mAnyDistricts & Countries
31 July 201217/12m10/100WARC Bands
31 March 2012One Band10/AnyChoose your band
31 Aug 20116mAny 
30 May 2011160 - 10mAny 


Closing DateStatus
20 June 2021Interim Scores
9 January 2021Final Scores
4 July 2020Final Scores
25 Jan 2020Final Scores
29 June 2019Final Scores
26 Jan 2019Final Scores
30 June 2018 HFFinal Scores
30 June 2018 VHFFinal Scores
6 Jan 2018Final Scores
31 May 2017Final Scores
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31 March 2015Final Scores
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28 Feb 2013Final Scores
31 July 2012Final Scores
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31 Aug 2011Final Scores
30 May 2011Final Scores


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