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Awards at the AGM: 2023

On Saturday 26th August the club ran it's first Special Event Station since 2019,GB4RSE.
The event was the British inland Waterways on the Air which was also the last event run in 2019. We were sited at the rear of The Anchor public House in Epney by the River Severn

The Merit Shield was awarded to Leta G4RHK

The Morgan Key to Les G0ULH

Both awards are for furtherance of the club

Direction Finding Cup to Vernon G0HTO (in first place)

Direction Finding Shield to Sally 2E0OCO (in second place)

Kingscote Shield to Jim 2E0GKN in the Advanced Section of the Construction Competition

Stan Cook Shield to James G8YYH in the Basic Section of the Construction Competition


The committee for 2023/2024 was also appointed at the AGM:

Chairman: Dave(G4BCA)
Vice Chair: Gary(M0XAC)
Secretary: Rita(M6RYL)
Treasurer: James(G8YYH)
Ordinary committee members: Mike

Photos by Gary M0XAC

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